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Welcome to
Shaw Associates

We are an executive search firm serving the pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device industries.

We have provided those inquiring about our services with a brief company profile of our firm and mission statement. In addition, we have several job listings that are representative of our priority searches. Should you not find one that exactly fits your requirements, please contact us, in confidence, to discuss your career desires. We represent clients throughout the USA and Canada.

The areas we specialize in include Product Development, Analytical, Regulatory Affairs, QA/QC, Clinical Research, Manufacturing, Technical Services, Business Development, Auditing and Validation. We do not work in sales. Should your experience be other than those listed, we would like to know of your availability as openings in other areas do occur. We look forward to assisting both new clients and candidates.

Shaw Associates is committed to being an internationally recognized executive search firm with a reputation of unequaled quality and service. Our goal is to establish long term relationships with our valued clients within the pharmaceutical, biotechnical, and medical device industries.

We are committed to professional, long-range career enhancement for our candidates. Commitment, Cooperation, Communication, Mutual respect, and Trust are words that describe our staff of professional consultants.
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